Region Nordschweiz

Velotransport Region Nordschweiz

Reservations and information:

Buses equipped with bike racks from May to October on this route:

40.012 Solothurn-Günsberg-Oberbalmberg

Eastern Switzerland Region

Bicycle carry-on – Eastern Switzerland Region

Reservations and information:

Routes with bike racks or trailers

Bicycles are transported on bike racks or trailers on the following routes during the summer period in Eastern Switzerland. Reservations are advisable and, for groups of five people or more, essential:




Reservations and information


Glarus–Klöntal (Route 504)

Bike racks

Tel. 058 386 73 44


Flums–Flumserberg (Flumserberg Route)

Bike racks

Tel. 058 386 73 44


Bad Ragaz–Pfäfers–Valens–Vättis–Gigerwald (Route 451)

Bike racks

Tel. 058 386 73 44

80.790 Nesslau–Wildhaus–Buchs (Linie 790) Bike trailers (requires reservation) Tel. 058 386 73 44

Ticino Region

Bicycle carry-on – Ticino Region

Reservations and information:

Valid on all routes on the official timetable, with the exception of those where “no bicycle transportation” is indicated and on routes in Bellinzona and the surrounding area, where the transportation of bicycles is not permitted.

Bicycles can be carried providing there is sufficient space available and you do not obstruct the other passengers. There is no guarantee of transportation.

Zurich Region

Bicycle carry-on – Zurich Region

General information: