Travelling with a bike

PostBus will transport you and your bicycle to the starting point of your tour. Here you can find the most important information about loading your bicycle and routes that require reservations.

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In tourist areas during the summer season (from May until October), Postbuses operate with convenient rear bike racks for 5 – 6 bikes and trailers for 16 – 20 bikes. The number of spaces for bicycle transport is limited.

On other routes, bikes can be transported at any time of year in the luggage area or passenger compartment of the vehicle. Please note that wheelchairs and buggies have precedence.

What do you need to bear in mind when loading bicycles?

  • Due to limited space, bicycle transport may not be possible or is restricted. Please observe any notes in the timetable.
  • The safety of other passengers is our main concern. Wheelchairs and buggies have priority.
  • Passengers must load bicycles onto the vehicle themselves.
  • There is no guarantee that the bike will be transported: if the bike cannot be carried due to lack of space, you will have to switch to a later service.

What should you pay attention to with special bikes?

  • Folded bikes packed in carry bags count as hand luggage and are carried free of charge. Special travel bags such as the TranZBagTarget not accessible are suitable for transporting such bikes. These travel bags are available in luggage acceptance points in some railway stations or online at SBB.
  • Scooters/e-scooters with a wheel diameter of up to 30 cm on the largest wheel (smaller than 12 inches), whether folded or not, count as hand luggage and are carried free of charge.
    Scooters/e-scooters with a wheel diameter of 30 cm or more are treated in the same way as accompanied, unpacked bicycles and are subject to a fee.
  • In most cases, a maximum of two e-bikes can be transported per rear bicycle rack in addition to the standard bikes.
  • Special bikes (such as tandem bicycles, recumbent bicycles or tricycles) that do not fit into the normal bike racks or are longer than 2 m cannot be transported. This also applies to bicycle trailers with a width of 60 cm or more.


A reservation must be made on some routes due to the limited number of places available. There are also routes where bicycle transport is not possible.

Please observe any notes in the timetable.

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Pilot project from 3 June to 20 October 2024 in Graubünden

Important: From 3 June to 20 October, we will be carrying out a test operation in the national bicycle reservation system on the routes below. Reservations for bike places are mandatory during this period.

Reservations can be made conveniently via the SBB appTarget not accessible or the SBB online shopTarget not accessible.

Ticket information

Discover the wide range of fare options and discounts that are available depending on your existing travelcards and tickets. A comprehensive overview of the options you can benefit from is shown under Tickets.


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