Travelling with reduced mobility

To help you ensure that your journey with PostBus is as independent as possible, we provide you with all the information you need about travelling with reduced mobility.

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Travelling with reduced mobility


Our vehicles are suitable for passengers with reduced mobility and are equipped for wheelchair transport. They are sometimes fitted with a manually operated ramp.

In small vehicles, the seats must in some cases be removed in advance to ensure access via the lift or ramp. We therefore ask you to contact us in advance. The relevant routes are listed in the official timetableTarget not accessible.

Passengers travelling in wheelchairs can access the bus through the door with the relevant symbol, via a wheelchair ramp installed in the vehicle. This is operated by the drivers. There are still many high-floor buses in use in mountain regions. Most of these vehicles, however, have a wheelchair lift.


For safety reasons, we kindly ask you to brace yourself with your back towards the direction of travel when you are using a wheelchair on a Postbus. In addition, wheelchairs (and buggies) have priority inside Postbuses.

Fare reductions

Passengers with reduced mobility benefit from reduced ticket fares. In order for a companion or guide dog to travel with you on a Postbus free of charge, you need a Disabled Passenger’s ID Card. You can request your ID card from the SBB.

Reservations, supplements and transportation of luggage and bicycles (as well as tandems, recumbent bikes and three-wheeled bikes) are subject to a charge for passengers with a disability and for their companions.

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