Bicycle carry-on – reservations

Bicycle carry-on – reservations

Places are limited. We therefore always recommend making a reservation ahead of time. Please pay special attention to this symbolvelotransport-symbolin the official timetable : It means that you need to reserve available space in order to bring your bicycle with you.

Reservations are essential for groups of six people or more; please see relevant timetable for details:

Conditions can be found in the  Bike and PostBu

Bicycle carry-on

Bicycle carry-on

Biking your way through Switzerland

Planning on discovering Switzerland by bike? Here you will find important bicycle carry-on information for Postbuses.

You are welcome to take your bicycle with you on Postbuses providing there is sufficient space available and you do not obstruct passengers from getting on or off the vehicle. The transport of electric bicycles on postbuses is restricted. During the summer season, some Postbuses travelling in key tourist areas are equipped with bike racks at the back of the bus. Bicycles must be accompanied and loaded by their owners and have a valid ticket.

Important for you to know: On some PostBus routes, taking a bicycle requires a reservation. Conditions can be found in the  Bike and PostBu Before your journey, please look at the PDF file entitled "Velo und PostAuto" (in German) under Downloads in the right-hand column. It contains everything you need to know about reservations, salespoints, special rates and other conditions. You are responsible for your bicycle. PostBus is not liable for any damage.


The Day Card for bikes and the annual bike pass (GA) from SBB and other transport providers are valid for the entire PostBus network. Passengers do not need to purchase an additional ticket for their bike on the Postbus.

Type of ticket GA, Half-Fare Card, Swiss Travel System, children under 16 Normal rate

Annual bike pass

(valid for 1 yeat, non-transferable)

CHF 220.00 CHF 220.00
Day Card for bikes CHF 12.00 CHF 18.00
Multiple Day Card for bikes (6 days) CHF 72.00 -
Local bike tickets  1/2 ticket 2nd class 1/1 ticket 2nd class



 most cases, there is very little space available for bicycles on PubliCar vehicles. Please discuss bicycle transport options when placing your order. All contact information can be found at