Free Internet in PostBus

Free Internet in PostBus

PostBus has been equipping part of its fleet of vehicles with free Internet for passengers since 2012. At the end of 2015 approximately 1,500 vehicles had Internet access. To be able to use the free service passengers need only to register once with their Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet-PC.

WiFi on Postbuses – General Terms and Conditions

Instructions for WiFi login and registration

Instructions for Port Change



Where are postbuses equipped with WiFi?

PostBus has already equipped over 1,500 vehicles all over the country with free Wi-Fi. These are chiefly in areas with good network coverage. Postbuses travelling in mountainous regions are either not or solely marginally equipped because of poor network coverage owing to the topography.

Am I able to profit from the offer in my home region?

Wi-Fi equipped postbuses are immediately recognized by this symbol, which you see externally next to the door as well as inside the vehicles. 


Why does PostBus make free Wi-Fi available?

Internet access in public transport meets with the ever-increasing needs of customers. PostBus has fulfilled this need as first public transport company in Switzerland. In this respect, travel time is shortened in the sense of time put to good use. 

Why don’t the vehicles equipped with free WiFi preferably operate during peak hours for business commuters in the mornings and evenings?

PostBus optimises the circulation of buses in such a way to ensure a minimum in fuel consumption, and least possible number of empty journeys. This naturally assists in keeping the cost of public transport as low as possible.

Why are postbuses serving the same route not all equipped with free WiFi?

For cost reasons, solely PostBuses that will be in operation for at least the next two years are fitted with free WiFi. For the same reason, it’s also possible that during the next two years, a route on which generally WiFi equipped buses travel, may at times be serviced with a non-equipped PostBus vehicle. However, on acquiring new vehicles, these are standardly equipped with WiFi before commencing service.

Reception Quality

If I directly access a 3G-network with my Smartphone is the connection faster as compared to surfing with WiFi in PostBus.

This can be the case for technical reasons. WiFi in Postbus, like your smartphone, connects with a UMTS-Antenna and distributes the signal inside the vehicle. When several customers are using WiFi at the same time, broadband capacity is divided between the users.

How good is the reception quality?

The reception quality depends on the coverage of the mobile network. Interference with the speed of surfing or possible interruptions cannot be excluded in certain places. PostBus therefore recommends you don’t use any services that depend on a stable Internet connection (i.e. software updates for smartphones). PostBus accepts no liability for damages caused by possible Internet interruptions.  

Access/ Data Security / Costs

How do I get Internet access in Postbus?

  1. Select WiFi “PostAuto“ inside any Postbus vehicle bearing the WiFi symbol. Please note that the name PostAuto for postbus WiFi may be renamed "CarPostal" or "AutoPostale" depending on the language region in which you are.
  2. Register your appliance (Handy, Tablet, Laptop, etc.) on the Website
  3. On using WiFi with your appliance for the first time you will be sent an SMS with service release code. As soon as you have entered the release code on the registration site your appliance is ready to use the PostBus WiFi service. However, please remember a registration is necessary for each appliance you intend using for the WiFi service inside a PostBus vehicle.
  4. Following first-time registration your appliance will automatically be recognized as soon as you seek a WiFi connection in a PostBus vehicle. You must of course login again to

What data do I have to provide on registering?

It is sufficient to provide a valid mobile phone number. You need only provide a valid mobile phone number together with your name. In addition the hardware address (MAC-Address) of your mobile appliance will be automatically stored. The appliance is thus recognized so that next time you can conveniently connect with our WiFi without having to register again.

What happens with the registration data?

The data is stored on a so-called Backend-Server, permitting recognition of your appliance when you login to the WiFi network on several consecutive days. This data is stored in compliance with data protection regulations. The data is not passed on to third parties – with the exception of for legal investigations. Should suspected punishable activities take place via WiFi in Postbus, relevant authorities have the right to request the monitoring of selected users. This being the case, PostBus is obliged to deliver details of data traffic to the relevant legal authorities.

Does PostBus collect user data?

PostBus collects data in connection with Wi-Fi use in Postbuses for statistics – i.e. the number of users per vehicle and the overall data volume. This data is made anonymous. Data of individual users are recorded only on behalf of law enforcement agencies and delivered to the appropriate authority.

What happens in the case illegal activities take place through WiFi in Postbus?

In the case such activity is announced through a law enforcement authority, in a first step, the corresponding appliance can be blocked. As you provide your mobile telephone number on registering - and every mobile Service Provider has all details such as name and address of the appliance owner  - law enforcement authorities can fall back on this data in the case of necessity.

How much do I have to pay for using WiFi in Postbus?

For you as PostBus passenger, access is free of charge. PostBus covers the costs in the form of additional customer service.

Are there limitations for the use of WiFi in Postbus?

PostBus suppresses access to vulgar contents via its WiFi. In addition, we don’t recommend that you use our WiFi service to download large data volumes, for software updates for your mobile phone or streaming services, which involve large data volumes (i.e. TV via Internet). PostBus has the right to exclude the use of such services if necessary.

Can I also register at home to be able to use WiFi in Postbus?

No, registration is only possible in a PostBus vehicle equipped with WiFi service.

Who can I turn to concerning connection problems?

PostBus does not offer technical support in the vehicles. If you are of the opinion that WiFi doesn’t function, please inform one of our drivers  – who will then pass on the information concerning a possible fault.

How secure is WiFi in Postbus?

By WiFi in PostBus one is dealing with a public WLAN network. As in the case of other public networks, without corresponding precautionary safety measures, communication connections can be intercepted. PostBus takes no responsibility for damages. (View terms of use). Please protect your personal appliance (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop) and your data with corresponding safety measures – i.e. through the use of anti-virus programs and a firewall.

Can you explain why I am able to receive Emails via the free WiFi in Postbus, but can’t seem to send them?

The problem may well be that you are not logged in. In order to be able to use the free PostBus WiFi network, you must register via the landing page each time you use the service. To do so, open the browser after connecting to the WiFi network – and on typing in any web address, you will automatically be referred to the landing page where you can again log in. Most Internet providers generally block the Port 25, which is used to send mails. The purpose of this is to reduce Spam mails. This problem is usually overcome through opting for Port 587 in order to send mails. Instructions on how to go about doing this are here:  Instructions for Port Change.

I’m actually connected with WiFi in Postbus, but my Apps (i.e. Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.) don’t work. What do I have to do?

Please ensure that you have connected via the Landing Page with WiFi in Postbus. You have to login with your browser (Safari, Chrome, Internet-Explorer etc.) on each trip. To do so, call up any webpage you like and then press the “Off to Internet“ button.

Please note the symbol marked in red. It means that you are connected to the WLAN, but have not signed in. Open your browser and call up any homepage to get to the registration/login.

I have a Tablet without SIM-Card, does this mean I can’t receive any SMS messages? And am I able to use the PostBus WiFi with this Tablet?

You can register your Tablet by going to the registration page and entering your mobile phone number, after which you will receive an SMS code on your mobile phone. Following this, call up the registration page with your Tablet and enter your mobile number there as well. On the page to follow, enter the code that you received per SMS.

Health Aspects

Am I subject to any health risks through the transmitter and radio waves in a postbus?

No. WiFi with external antenna causes less radiation than the use of a mobile phone in the bus. WLAN sender capacity is considerably less as compared to GSM (WLAN has maximum 100mW sender capacity, GSM for mobile phones maximum sender capacity of 2,000mW). Through the use of WiFi instead of access to a GSM antenna radiation in the vehicle is actually reduced. Further information is available on the following Website: Ministry of health (Bundesamt für Gesundheit).

How it works

How it works

The use of WiFi in PostBus is free and requires a single registration, which can take place in any Postbus offering the WiFi service. It’s as easy as this:

In any Postbus bearing the WiFi symbol, connect to the "PostAuto" WiFi – Please note that according to the language region in which you find yourself, "PostAuto" may be renamed "CarPostal" or "AutoPostale." Register your appliance (Mobile phone, Tablet, Laptop, etc.) on the website (ATTENTION: Registration is only possible inside the vehicle) On using WiFi for the first time with your appliance, an SMS will be sent to you with your service release code. As soon as you have entered the release code on the registration site your appliance is ready to use the PostBus WiFi service. However, please remember a registration is necessary for each appliance you intend using for the WiFi service inside a Postbus vehicle. Following first-time registration your appliance will automatically be recognized as soon as you seek a connection in all Postbuses offering the WiFi service. You must of course login to to use the service, but you no longer need to enter the service release code.

Postbus offering WiFi service are recognized via this symbol.