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Nearby Offers Region Berne
Nearby Offers Region Berne

Offers close to Region Berne

45.1 km
Naturpark Thal Panorama
Naturpark Thal Panorama

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Naturpark Thal nature reserve

Take the NaturparkBus to visit the second chain of the Jura mountains

47.3 km

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Passwang Route

Zwingen–Erschwil–Beinwil SO–Passwang–Mümliswil–Balsthal

47.8 km

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Museum HAARUNDKAMM Mümliswil (Hair and comb museum)

Jewellery and decorative combs for crowned heads

72.0 km

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Jurapark Aargau evolution trail

14 billion years of history over 14 kilometres

74.4 km

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Perimuk adventures in Argovia Jurapark

On a journey of discovery with the little Jura dinosaur

78.1 km

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Jurapark Aargau

Explore a treasure trove of greenery with PostBus

78.2 km

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Bad Schinznach

Get away from your daily routine

79.9 km

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Habsburg / Wildegg Castle Tour

A journey back in time

82.2 km

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Cheisacherturm (Cheisacher Tower)

Observation tower in the Argovia Jurapark

87.0 km

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Park Seleger Moor

A favourite place in nature

88.2 km

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psi forum Villigen

Shadow top researchers in their workplace

92.2 km
eine Gruppe von Menschen beobachtet auf einem Aussichtsturm mit Feldstechern die Umgebung

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BirdLife Klingnauer Reservoir

300 bird species – Up close with binoculars