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Swiss Public transport timetable

(Example, 09/27/2018)
(Example, 12:30)
86.1 km

Excursion tips

Hiking the Ämtlerweg path in the Knonauer Amt region

Discovering the Säuliamt on foot

86.9 km

Excursion tips

Park Seleger Moor

A favourite place in nature

90.3 km

Excursion tips

Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Sihlwald Wildnispark

91.0 km

Excursion tips


From Schlieren to the Uetliberg

91.5 km

Excursion tips

Sihlwald (Wildlife Park) Route

Thalwil-Langnau-Gattikon-Hausen a.A.

95.7 km

Excursion tips

Gyrenbad inn

Let PostBus take you to the hiking paradise Gyrenbad near Turbenthal

95.9 km

Zurich: Bookings for groups of 10 and more people


Zurich: Bookings for groups of 10 and more people

Travelling as a group pays off. We look forward to receiving your travel request.

99.6 km
104.8 km
107.5 km

Excursion tips

Tössegg on the Rhine

An idyllic destination

118.8 km

Excursion tips

Vivarium Tablat

Observe native amphibian and reptile species

120.0 km

Excursion tips

Schauenberg Route



Excursion tips