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The first electric Postbuses for passengers in the Canton of Lucerne

Quieter and without fossil fuels: PostBus is putting three battery-powered Postbuses into operation in the Sempach region. They are the first electric Postbuses in the Canton of Lucerne.

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A Postbus

From the timetable change on 11 December 2022, the wait will finally be over: in the Canton of Lucerne, the first Postbuses will operate electrically, making them climate-friendly. The three battery-powered vehicles will be on the road in the Sempach region. They will operate on the routes 70 Sempach–Rothenburg and 89 Sempach–Eich–Bäch. These Postbuses are not only emission-free but also much quieter than diesel buses. This is good news for residents on both routes.

Four new charging stations

The new Postbuses are 12-metre-long vehicles produced by the company Solaris. Their size is exactly that of the diesel buses being replaced. Drivers will charge the Postbus batteries at the depot of the “SB Trans” PostBus operator at Sempach-Station. PostBus and its partner BKW have installed four charging stations there.

PostBus has a clear ambition: the entire vehicle fleet of currently 2,400 vehicles will be equipped with climate-friendly engines by 2040. 100 electric vehicles will be on the road by 2024. There are currently six electric Postbuses in operation across Switzerland; three more will now be added in Sempach.

VVL with a clear concept

PostBus relies on strong partners to be able to switch to climate-friendly drive systems as planned. Its partners are primarily the 24 cantons where PostBus is part of public transport. PostBus is particularly pleased that the Lucerne Transport Association (VVL) in the Canton of Lucerne has a clear strategy for how bus operators should phase out conventional combustion engines.

Passengers in the Canton of Lucerne will enjoy additional electric Postbuses in a year’s time. PostBus will then put seven new battery-powered buses into operation in the Triengen region.


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