Sustainable mobility solutions
Alternative drive systems

As a leading bus company in the public transport sector, PostBus wants to take a pioneering role in alternative drive systems. Together with politicians and public authorities, we want to meet society’s expectations. By 2024, we intend to put a total of 100 electric buses on the road. The aim is for all Postbuses to run without fossil fuels by 2040.

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PostBus depends on support from the cantons as purchasers of these services to promote alternative drive systems:

  • Battery-powered and fuel cell buses are sometimes much more expensive than diesel buses.
  • Building the charging infrastructure is complex and cost-intensive.

PostBus cannot bear these additional costs on its own and requires the financial commitment of the purchasers.

PostBus has already put a few electric buses into operation. But we want to convert entire depots or bundles of routes to alternative drive vehicles.

Photovoltaic system with pantograph and electric Postbus at Brugg railway station

Battery-powered buses

Battery-powered buses run exclusively with an electric motor. The electric motor obtains the drive energy from a battery. The battery is recharged once or several times a day via the electricity grid.

All PostBus battery-powered buses obtain 100 percent of their electricity from renewable energy sources in Switzerland.

Battery-powered buses are not currently suitable for use in all topographical areas because they do not have sufficient range. For this reason, PostBus endeavours to remain open to new technology and is closely following the development of fuel cell technologies and synthetic fuels.

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Fuel cell and diesel hybrid buses

Hybrid buses feature at least two different energy converters (such as an electric motor and fuel cell) and are equipped with two different energy storage systems within the vehicles (e.g. battery and hydrogen tank). The hybrid bus category includes fuel cell buses and diesel hybrid buses.

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