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My Work: The Urban Campaign

My name is Delphine Dubois, and I’ve been working as a marketing specialist in French-speaking Valais since 1 January 2023. Today, I’m inviting you to my retrospective to give you a peep into what’s happening behind the scenes in the Urban campaign.

Delphine Dubois at her computer

A fresh look at a well thought-out project

As a new member of the Western Switzerland Marketing team, I quickly understood that an important and exciting challenge awaited us.

Right from my first week at work, I was immersed in an urban campaign that my fresh, outside eye immediately appreciated for its disruptive aspects (which I mean in a positive way).

Delphine Dubois discovers the Urban campaign concept

What did I discover?

First of all, I found a team full of ambition and a concept that was already well established. Taking a closer look at the working documents, I discovered that sneakers are the core of the campaign. Surprising for a bus company, right? And yet, when you look around, everyone wears sneakers, and we like to take care of them. Whether at work, at the gym, on a night out or just to have the latest fashion item, let’s put our sneakers on and embark on an adventure!

Conthey rubber box-shaped buses

What else?

After a few weeks, I can see the Urban campaign taking shape. On board the PostBus that travels across Rhône plain in Valais, I notice the first signs of this long-term work. Have you seen the shoebox at the Conthey bus stop?

Wear out our tyres, not your sneakers! Rethink how you roll

The Urban campaign

As I continue my journey through heart of the campaign, I discover a young, urban environment that’s reflected in the new visuals and posters. A splash of yellow, sneakers and dancers to highlight PostBus’s dynamism: that’s the Urban campaign!

But it doesn’t consist exclusively of an urban image stock. By taking the Postbus through Western Switzerland again this summer, you’ll be able to dive physically into the heart of the campaign by attending the “Yellow Dance Challenge” – urban dance performances with the participation of top Swiss dancers.

In the meantime, let’s continue our journey of discovery into this multifaceted campaign together, and in particular on social media!

Big competition on Instagram

The Instagram page is active, and there’s a big competition being held, so don’t hesitate to follow us. Good luck to all of you!

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Photo: 1, 2, 3 by Luca De Vita

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