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PostBus is the market leader in public bus transport in Switzerland. As a company with a long-established history, PostBus has offered reliable regional passenger transport services for more than 115 years. Through its innovative solutions, PostBus is also responding to the challenges of the changing mobility environment and responding to the new needs emerging among customers and purchasing bodies.

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PostBus operates regional passenger transport in 23 of Switzerland’s 26 cantons (the exceptions are Geneva, Uri and Basel-Stadt). With almost 1,000 routes, over 11,000 stops and a network spanning more than 18,000 kilometres, PostBus is the leader in road passenger transport. The purchasing bodies (cantons, municipalities) define its range of services and share the financial cost with the Swiss Confederation. PostBus contributes its expertise to planning and guarantees professional operations.

PostBus provides its transport services in conjunction with around 100 PostBus operators. These are private companies that perform around half of PostBus’s operations. In many municipalities, PostBus is also an important partner for local transport. In addition, PostBus provides reliable services for school transport, extra trips and rail replacement.

PostBus Ltd is one of five strategic subsidiaries of Swiss Post Ltd. It is wholly owned by Swiss Post and therefore by the Swiss Confederation. Along with the largest full-service fleet manager in Switzerland, Post Company Cars Ltd, PostBus forms the Mobility Services Group unit.

PostBus connects people and Switzerland. Thanks to its innovative and sustainable mobility and system services, PostBus remains competitive and asserts its position on the market – always in the service of passengers and the Swiss public.

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