Ilanz–Vrin–Parvalsauns route

Experience the diverse Val Lumnezia, the unique mountain village of Vrin and the picturesque Greina plateau.

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Mountain bikers ride on a gravel path above the idyllic village of Vrin with its village church.
Vrin with Nossadunna e Sogn Gion Battesta church

The Ilanz–Vrin–Parvalsauns route transports you from Ilanz through the idyllic Val Lumnezia, with its many hamlets and chapels, to Vrin, which is the starting point for the Greina plateau. An unspoilt natural landscape awaits you.

The sunny Val Lumnezia, also known as the “Valley of Light”, enjoys a mild climate. The journey by PostBus starts in Ilanz (stop: Ilanz, Bahnhof) and continues via Vella to Vrin. From Vella, the main town in the valley, you can reach the diverse winter sports area of Obersaxen Mundaun (PostBus stop: Vella, Sumsiaras). In summer, the natural bathing lake of Davos Munts in Vattiz (PostBus stop: Vattiz, Surval) is the perfect spot for a refreshing swim.

The journey continues to Vrin. The last village in the valley, Vrin is graced by several attractive buildings designed by local architect Gion A. Caminada. In 1998, the mountain village was awarded the Wakker Prize. Continuing from this idyllic village, you reach the enchanting Greina plateau via the Diesrut Pass (PostBus stop: Vrin, Posta). In summer, you can travel from Vrin to Parvalsauns on our Bus alpin service, which requires a reservation. This will shorten your journey to the Greina plateau by around an hour. More on the Greina plateau can be found below.

Timetable and seat reservations for Ilanz–Vrin–Parvalsauns route

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The route operates:

  • Daily to Vrin, vitg
  • Daily from approx. mid-June to early October by Bus alpin from Vrin, vitg to Vrin, Parvalsauns

Reservations are required for the Bus alpin and must be made at least one hour before departure.

Greina plateau

From Vrin, you can reach the Greina plateau (2,400 metres above sea level) on foot within approx. 4.5 hours. From Parvalsauns, the walk takes around 3 hours.

The completely treeless area is one of the few unspoilt natural areas in Switzerland. The plateau connects three valleys – Val Lumnezia, Val Sumvitg and Valle di Blenio. The Greina plateau is also described as a “geological museum”, and a visit will certainly not disappoint.

You can spend the night in one of three SAC huts on the Greina and then continue your hike to Val Sumvitg or Ticino the next day.

Hiking from Vrin to Uors via the Val da Silgin suspension bridge

From Vrin, you can walk to the hamlet of Surin. Continue to the 67-metre-long Val da Silgin suspension bridge, which enables hikers to walk between the villages of Pruastg and Silgin. At a height of 45 metres, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Val Lumnezia.

In Silgin, the beautiful Besenbeizli, an inn run by farmer and Postbus driver Maria Carla Camenisch, is the ideal place for a breather. After a walk through an ancient and picturesque forest and over wide green meadows with extraordinary views, you will reach Surcasti in Unterlugnez. Below the village, on a rock at the confluence of the Glenner and Valserrhein rivers, you will see the church of St Laurentius with its bell tower, which served as a defence tower in the 13th century. At the end of the hike, the path leads you to Uors, over the Valserrhein bridge that was constructed in 1962.

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Hiking from Vrin to Uors via the Val da Silgin suspension bridge


3 hrs 30 mins

Difficulty level



12.3 km

Altitude difference

+ 285 m / – 803 m

Outward journey

PostBus stop: Vrin, Vitg

Return journey

PostBus stop: Uors, Vitg

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