Indemini, the village built from stone

Enjoy an unforgettable excursion with a breathtaking view of Lake Maggiore. Once you reach your destination, the beauty of the traditional village of Indemini will leave you speechless.

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Indemini country. Copyright: Ticino Turismo - Photo Remy Steinegger

Ticino Turismo – photo by Remy Steinegger

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The journey to Indemini by Postbus is extremely picturesque, navigating 132 bends and climbing 1,200 metres. Instead of staying on board until the end of the line, we recommend that you exit at the “Alpe di Neggia, Alpe” stop and travel the rest of the way to Indemini on foot.

The excursion to Indemini

The three-hour excursion offers a breathtaking and panoramic view of Lake Maggiore. After a short climb to the summit of Monte Gambarogno, the path descends towards Alpe Cedullo, where you can enjoy the cheese produced there. The walk continues on a slightly uphill path to the Oratorio di Sant’Anna, and then descends into Indemini.

The village of Indemini

The picturesque center of Indemini, made entirely of stone, is nestled between mountains on one side and steep cliffs on the other. The narrow streets between the houses are still reminiscent of a bygone era and feel like stepping back in time. After visiting the village center and admiring the panoramic view in all its splendour, you can begin your journey home via Postbus, departing from the stop “Indemini, Paese”.

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3 hrs

Difficulty level



7.5 km

Altitude difference

390 m uphill / 800 m downhill

Outward journey

PostBus stop “Alpe di Neggia, Alpe”

Return journey

PostBus stop “Indemini, Paese”

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