Bernese Mittelland

Längenberg route

Discover the Längenberg and the beautiful Gantrisch region. The Längenberg route takes you from Köniz over the Längenberg to Riggisberg, passing countless fields, rustic villages and beautiful viewpoints.

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In the foreground, a board with information about the mountain range in the background. View of the Gantrisch mountain range and Lake Thun.

The elongated Längenberg mountain ridge is part of the Gantrisch Nature Park and a popular recreational area in the Gantrisch region. Be enchanted by the hilly landscape and the countless beautiful views of the Längenberg mountain.

The Längenberg route (route 631) takes you conveniently from the suburb of Köniz in Bern via Niedermuhlern and Rüeggisberg to Riggisberg.



The Längenberg offers some beautiful hiking routes, such as the high-altitude hike from Niedermuhlern to Riggisberg. The Bütschelegg vantage points, the Tavel memorial and the Hasli vantage point offer magnificent views of the hilly landscape of Emmental, Lake Thun, the Gantrisch range and the Bernese Alps. Various themed trails also provide plenty of interesting information about nature and the surrounding area.

But the region can also be explored on two wheels. Various bicycle routes lead through the Längenberg mountain.

Rüeggisberg monastery ruins

The impressive ruins of the monastery can be found in Rüeggisberg. The former Cluniza priory was one of the most important monastery buildings in Switzerland and has always been located along the Way of St James. Nowadays, open-air events such as theatre, concerts and exhibitions are held here on a regular basis.

Abegg Foundation

At the Abegg Foundation in Riggisberg, you can admire over 7,000 textiles and works of art from Europe, the Middle East and the Silk Road, all of which have an artistic history. The foundation is known around the world for its extensive collection.


The Gantrisch region offers a wide range of regional products which you can sample in one of the restaurants and inns.

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