The journey over the Albis Pass as an audio experience with “Umweg am Albis”

Now you can discover the section of the journey between Thalwil and Kappel am Albis with the Umweg app! A 40-minute audio experience will offer you fascinating information about the varied landscape between Lake Zurich and Knonaueramt.

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The Postbus travels over the Albis Pass in the direction of Hausen am Albis Post. Lake Zurich lies in the background.

Umweg am Albis

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Sit back, listen and reflect while you watch the world go by: with the new audio experience created especially for Postbuses, the 40-minute ride from Thalwil to Kappel am Albis will transform into a fascinating journey of discovery thanks to the “Umweg am Albis” app. During the trip, you will not only enjoy unrivalled views, but also learn poetic, thought-provoking and musical facts about the tense relationship between people, landscape and nature.

How does it work?

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Simply download the Umweg app and select the “PostBus” audio experience. Climb aboard Postbus route 240 at Thalwil railway station, put on your headphones and get listening!

Is that not enough?

At the Kappel a. A., Kloster stop, you can continue with the app – but this time on foot. On the “Umweg am Albis” audio tour, you’ll discover the landscape as if you’re in a three-dimensional film that’s also an experience for sight and sound. The walk lasts for just over an hour and a half, during which you’ll learn a great deal about the landscape, its value and its history, as well as the numerous related changes to nature and society.

You can find more information at Umweg LandschaftTarget not accessible.

Discover flora and fauna

At the Langenberg Wildlife ParkTarget not accessible (Postbus stop: Langnau a.A., Schwerzi, Wildpark), you can discover and watch wild animals that are or have been indigenous to Switzerland, such as lynxes, wolves and bison.

The Sihlwald Nature Discovery ParkTarget not accessible (stop: Langnau a.A., Albispasshöhe) is the largest unspoilt mixed deciduous forest in Central Switzerland and is renowned for its pristine nature.

The Visitor Center and Nature MuseumTarget not accessible − including a shop, restaurant and wilderness playground − is located in Sihlwald, a 90-minute hike from the Langnau a.A. Albispasshöhe stop.

On the forest adventure trailTarget not accessible in Sihlwald, you will find a forest xylophone that tells you the age of the trees. You can even communicate with these wooden giants via a tree telephone. Pause on a footbridge over water to enjoy the magical idyll of the Langmoos forest moor.

Crossing the Albis Pass, you will finally reach Hausen am Albis, Post. From there, the Ämtlerweg hiking trail passes through the Affoltern district. Discover unique nature conservation areas, the former monastery in Kappel am AlbisTarget not accessible and Knonau CastleTarget not accessible.

Route 240Target not accessible: Thalwil–Langnau-Gattikon–Hausen a.A. (length of journey: 30 minutes)

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Albis Pass hike

The hike, which features stunning views, leads from the top of the Albis Pass to the Albis-Hochwacht observation tower and then via Bürglen to Sihlwald.

The Albis-Hochwacht observation towerTarget not accessible is just one of many sights on this hike.

The tower platform is visible above the treetops. After climbing the wooden spiral staircase, you will reach a perfect 360° panoramic view: Zurich, Lake Zurich, Tödi, Rigi, Lake Zug, Pilatus, Uetliberg and, finally, Zurich once again.

The hike starts at the top of the Albis Pass. After a short while, you will pass a sign for the Wildnispark Zurich, where the natural forest begins. Moss-covered branches give the appearance of waterfalls, while tree stumps protrude vertically from the ground. After half an hour, you will reach the observation tower. From there, it takes another 50 minutes to arrive at the Restaurant AlbishornTarget not accessible.

The trail continues gently downwards along a soft forest floor. You will see dead trees covered in ivy, damp undergrowth and a carpet of moss. After around 40 minutes, you will reach the Sihl.


3 hrs

Difficulty level



7.7 km

Altitude difference

295 m

Outward journey

PostBus route 240 to Langnau a. A., Albispasshöhe

Return journey

Sihlwald, Bahnhof

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