Eastern Switzerland

Pizol fun

The varied hiking and skiing area around the summit of the Pizol offers breathtaking views far beyond Lake Constance. There are plenty of exciting sports activities to discover at any time of year.

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Hikers walk along the sky blue lake
Hikers walk along the sky blue lake

Summer at the Pizol

The Pizol cable car valley station is a short distance away from Bad Ragaz railway station by local bus. The cable car will take you quickly to an altitude of over 2,200 metres, where you can enjoy magnificent views of Lake Constance and beyond.

Do you prefer things to be gentle or a bit more demanding? We’ve got two options for you...

Heidi trail

The Heidi trail begins at the valley station in Bad Ragaz, where small goat barns set the scene for Heidi’s world. The Heidi trail takes you along a well-maintained loop from the Pardiel mountain station to Alp Schwarzbüel and back again. The hiking trail will take children an hour and a half to walk, and is suitable for buggies as far as Alp Schwarzbüel.

Along the way, you can enjoy exciting activities such as the alpine call, the goat leap and a hammock forest. The Kneipp hydrotherapy pool and the barefoot trail will delight young and old alike. And just before Alp Schwarzbühl, there’s a great playground with a barbecue area, which is a perfect spot to relax.

Five-lakes trail

The five lakes trail at the Pizol is one of Switzerland’s most beautiful panorama hikes. Passing crystal-clear mountain lakes and the Pizol glacier, the mountain trail takes you through the unique Alpine landscape. The hike starts at Lake Wangersee near the Pizolhütte mountain station at 2,227 m, and takes around 4 to 5 hours. The climb to the Wildsee gap, which takes about one hour, opens up the panorama of the Eastern Swiss, Graubünden and Austrian Alps until later beyond the Wildsee gap (2,493 m), where the Wildsee emerges. The views over the Pizol glacier at the foot of the Pizol summit and the Graue Hörner are fascinating.

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