Northern Switzerland, Solothurn / Aargau, Zurich

The 11 most beautiful viewpoints in Northern Switzerland
These vantage points are an absolute must!

It’s time to pack your binoculars. PostBus will take you to the most beautiful viewpoints in Aargau, Basel-Land, Solothurn and Zurich. These 11 vantage points are an absolute must!

View of the Belchenflue mountain summit with the Swiss national flag in the Jura located in the Basel-Land area.

1. Belchenfluh – Basel-Land

The BelchenfluhTarget not accessible is a place of historical significance: the Celts are said to have used it to mark the seasons. During the First World War, it served as an observation post for the Hauenstein fortress. Today, it is a popular destination for excursions, with its fantastic views of the Swiss plateau, the Jura chain, the Bernese Alps and into neighbouring Germany.

Photo: © Baselland Tourismus / Jan Geerk

View from the Wasserflue mountain in the Argovia Jurapark over a rocky outcrop and a green hilly landscape.

2. Wasserflue – Argovia Jurapark

Having climbed the WasserflueTarget not accessible mountain, you’ll be rewarded with a magnificent panorama. From the viewing platform, you can take in the views over the Swiss plateau, the Alps, the Jura and the Black Forest. Wasserflue forms a weather divide between Mittelland and Fricktal: while the plateau is covered in high fog, the sun shines in Fricktal. So what are you waiting for?

View of a green hilly landscape with trees from the Beretenchopf hill in the Thal Nature Park.

3. Albis-Hochwacht tower – Zurich

Not quite above the clouds, but above the treetops: the platform of the Albis-Hochwacht towerTarget not accessible is high above the surrounding trees, giving you a 360° panoramic view. From Zurich, the view stretches across Lake Zurich to Tödi, Rigi, Lake Zug and Pilatus, Uetliberg and back to the city.

View of a green hilly landscape with trees from the Beretenchopf hill in the Thal Nature Park.

4. Beretenchopf – Solothurn

The BeretenchopfTarget not accessible is a little-known hill in the Thal Nature Park on the border between Basel-Land and Solothurn. A comprehensive network of hiking trails takes you to the summit, which lies 1,104 metres above sea level. Visitors can enjoy spectacular views over the Guldental valley and the three Jura chains.

Photo: © Naturpark Thal

View of a green hilly landscape from the Zeiher Homberg in the Argovia Jurapark.

5. Zeiher Homberg – Argovia Jurapark

The Zeiher HombergTarget not accessible is an enticing place to enjoy stunning views of the valleys and hilly ranges to the north. The Frick Valley and the Black Forest lie below the visitors. At almost 800 metres above sea level, the summit is a popular take-off point for hang-gliders. The 800-year-old Schenkenberg Castle is well worth a visit on your way to the summit.

View from Sternenberg of a green landscape with trees and the Alps.

6. Sternenberg – Zürich

At almost 900 metres above sea level, Sternenberg is the highest village in the Canton of Zurich and can be reached either by Postbus or on footTarget not accessible . It’s no wonder, then, that you can enjoy a magnificent view from this small municipality. Twelve densely wooded valleys and ravines lie at your feet, while the Alps extend from the Bernese Oberland to Lake Constance on the horizon.

View from Roggenflue in the Solothurn Jura over a green landscape with trees.

7. Roggenflue – Solothurn

If you’re lucky with the weather, you can not only marvel at the Central Plateau and the Jura mountains, but also at the Central Swiss and Bernese Alps. The rocky south face of the summitTarget not accessible, which is dozens of metres high, is no less spectacular. Today, the name Roggen is a reminder of the Roman occupation of Helvetia. The mountain has been named rocca (rock) for around 2,000 years.

View of the Cheisacher tower in the middle of a forest landscape in the Argovia Jurapark.

8. Cheisacher Tower – Argovia Jurapark

There are many trails leading to the CheisacherTarget not accessibleTower, as the delicate structure made of wooden slats is located in a popular hiking area in the upper Frick Valley. The 24-metre-high viewing platform offers you a unique panoramic vista as far as the Alps, the Vosges and the Black Forest.

View from Uetliberg at sunset over a landscape with trees and Lake Zurich.

9. Uetliberg – Zurich

The steel tower, which can be seen from afar, is one of the highest observation towers in Switzerland to be accessible to the public. It is 72 metres high, and 178 steps lead to the observation platform at an altitude of 30 metres. It offers incredible panoramic views of the city, Lake Zurich and the Alps. Zurich ’s local mountainTarget not accessible is also popular when the autumn fog clouds the city.

View of the Hasenberg tower in Widen with a tree and cows in the foreground.

10. Gempen – Solothurn observation tower

There are not only many roads to Rome, but also to the Gempen plateau with its 28-metre-high observation towerTarget not accessible. The nearest PostBus stop is “Gempen, Dorf”, which is around half an hour away on foot. The five-storey steel tower offers views of the Basel area, Alsace and Vosges, Basel and the Black Forest. Like an eagle’s nest, the “Bärgbeiz Gempenturm” sits atop a rock.

View of the Hasenberg tower in Widen with a tree and cows in the foreground.

11. Hasenberg tower – Aargau

The Hasenberg/Egelsee recreation area with its dense network of hiking trails has recently become even more appealing thanks to the addition of this attractionTarget not accessible. 210 steps will lead you to the observation deck at an altitude of 36 metres. From here, you can gaze at the entire Alpine ring from Eastern Switzerland to the Bernese Alps.

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