Northern Switzerland, Solothurn / Aargau, Zurich

Top 11 excursion destinations in Northern Switzerland
The most exciting corners of Aargau, Basel-Land, Solothurn and Zurich

It’s time to get going! Our short trips are perfect ways to discover the diversity of Northern Switzerland. And with our list of excursion destinations, you’ll easily find what you’re looking for. PostBus will take you conveniently to the 11 most exciting corners in Aargau, Basel-Land, Solothurn and Zurich.

Linn lime tree

1. Linn lime tree
Simply tree-tastic!

The Linn lime in the Argovia Jurapark is the most imposing tree in the canton. All those who stop at the large-leaved lime tree on the hike from Bözberg to Thalheim will feel the energy of 800 years of history up close. With a trunk circumference of 11 metres, the Linn lime is a unique place of natural power. Even the popular Swiss series ”Der Bestatter” was drawn in by the Linn lime’s appeal, going deep inside the tree.

Via Natura

2. Via Natura – hiking trail between Zurich nature centers
Mamma Via!

The first stage of Via NaturaTarget not accessible was opened between ThurauenTarget not accessible and NeeracherriedTarget not accessible in 2022. Over the next few years, the signposting on the path will be expanded to ultimately create a circular hiking trail of around 200 kilometres between the Zurich nature centers. Along the route, Via Natura leads through significant nature reserves and special landscapes to unfamiliar natural phenomena.

The Postbus drives down the passwang. The green, hilly landscape can be seen in the background.

3. Passwang route from Zwingen to Balsthal
Spoilt for choice

From Zwingen to Balsthal, the Passwang route Postbus will take you through the idyllic scenery of the Baselbiet and Solothurn Jura. Between the two towns, castles, museums, a natural bathing area and hiking trails provide plenty of activities. Where do you get off the bus?

Over the Albis Pass

4. Albis Pass route from Thalwil to Hausen am Albis
From the valley to the pass

The Postbus travels from Thalwil over the Albis Pass to Hausen am Albis in just 30 minutes. It’s really worth hopping off the bus along the way. Discover the Langenberg Wildlife Park and the Sihlwald Nature Discovery Park. There are numerous routes through the Säuliamt area for hiking enthusiasts. For example, the Ämtlerweg trail leads from Hausen am Albis past the former Kappel monastery and Knonau Castle.

vineyard on a slope

5. Raftsmen’s Trail from Stilli to Laufenburg
The raft is ready!

On the Raftsmen’s Trail, you will hike in the footsteps of the raftsmen through the picturesque Mettau Valley from Stilli to Laufenburg. Today, the “Gasthaus zum Bären” in Hottwill is just as it was 200 years ago; you can stop here for a bite to eat. The 20 km long route takes around five hours to hike. The hike can be done in both directions and in stages. The trail is marked and well connected to the PostBus stops.

Thal Nature Park

6. Naturpark Thal
Faunaah! Faunaah!

Nestled among the hills of the Jura in Solothurn, the Thal Nature Park offers exciting themed trails and numerous excursions and hiking opportunities. The NaturparkBus will take you directly to the hiking paradise and the mountain restaurants in the second Jura chain from 1 May to 1 November, on Sundays and public holidays. Families with children can experience nature up close on the Pumpelpitz digital family trail near Ramiswil.

Habsburg and Wildegg castle tour

7. Habsburg and Wildegg castle tour
Castles and much more

The Habsburgs had an eventful past. The exhibition at the headquarters of the most powerful mediaeval dynasty focuses on topics such as nutrition, water supply and housing. In the baroque town of Wildegg, noble castle dwellers will reveal secrets and take you back to the years around 1800. The living and working rooms are lovingly decorated with great attention to detail, and recount the life of the noble family of Effinger. The beautiful gardens are a must-see.

Seleger Moor Park

8. Seleger Moor Park
Once upon a time...

Rhododendrons and azalea blossoms in all shades from light pink to pink to purple, magnificent white water lilies, dense light green fern forests, bubbling rivers and romantic ponds. This is how we imagine an enchanted forest to be. But such a magical place does actually exist in Rifferswil in the district of Affoltern. The winding paths lead through the Seleger Moor Park and offer magical views of nature from April to October.

Balmberg route

9. Balmberg route from Solothurn to Oberbalmberg
City versus mountain air

Many of Solothurn’s magnificent buildings, particularly the Palais Besenval and the Jesuit Church, date back to the Baroque period. Yet, the impressive St Ursus Cathedral is considered the most important building of early classicism. Those who need mountain air after so much time in the city can board a Postbus and travel to the Balmberg. There’s a rope park and numerous leisure and hiking opportunities for active visitors in the local recreation area.

Visitors to the experience park

10. Thurauen Nature Center
At the water’s edge

The Thurauen Nature Center provides information about life on the banks of the Thur River in an exhibition and on an adventure trail. In the largest, renaturalized wetland area in Central Switzerland, kingfishers, golden orioles and other birdlife as well as amphibians and insects can be observed in tranquil surroundings. Bring or rent binoculars!

Lapwing on a meadow at the Neeracherried BirdLife Nature Center

11. BirdLife Nature Reserves – Klingnau Reservoir and Neeracherried
Magnificent plumage

Take a Postbus straight to the Klingnau Reservoir or Neeracherried. The two BirdLife Nature Reserves are renowned for their colourful fauna and flora. They are important places to rest or hibernate for many aquatic and migratory birds. Various bird species can be spotted from observation huts. It’s not unusual to see kingfishers, lapwings and kestrels!

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