Neuchâtel / Jura / Bernese Jura

The underground mills of the Col-des-Roches

The water-powered mills and sawmill were built 400 years ago in limestone caves and natural and artificial tunnels. This unique site in Europe allows visitors to discover its little-known and rich regional history, including the remains of developments and installations dating from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

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The underground mills: a real subterranean factory

Travel through space and time

The permanent exhibition allows visitors to discover a rich, unknown regional history. During a unique guided underground tour, visitors will experience enthusiasm, wonder and fascination. Thematic rooms, a collection of photographs from the Musée d'histoire du Locle and moments of discovery and invention make the Col-des-Roches site a fascinating place for memories and inspiration.

The new hydraulic room

The new hydraulic room of the Col-des-Roches underground mills is the highlight of the permanent exhibition. There you can learn about and experience the principles at work in the cave through a series of illustrated texts and interactive stations.

Travel to Col-des-Roches by Postbus, route 21.381 Le Locle–La BrévineTarget not accessible as far as the “Le Locle, Col-des-Roches, Les Moulins souterrains” stop.

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Other unmissable activities in the region

From La Brévine (NE) to the green fairy

The hike, which is easy and lasts about five hours, starts in La Brévine. At La Citadelle, the highest point, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Alps and the Jura. History and magic await you on the other side of the valley. The path passes through the Tilleul des Catholics, a five hundred year old Linn lime tree, whose hollow trunk houses a statue of the Virgin Mary, a jar of honey and a candle.

In Môtiers, the cradle of absinthe, the green fairy awaits lovers of this legendary drink. A permanent exhibitionTarget not accessible at the historical Absinthe drying shed in Boveresse reveals all the secrets.

PostBus is an official partner of Suisse Rando. You’ll find other suggestions for hiking and useful informationTarget not accessible.

Parc Evologia, a magical place

Go and discover the Evologia Extraordinary GardensTarget not accessible in Cernier with family or friends. The wide range of activities and visits will amaze young and old alike.

The Extraordinary Gardens offer visitors the chance to take an enchanting walk through the local flora and learn about making urban spaces green in the Street Art Garden (temporary exhibition). Gulliver’s garden features a giant tied up with creepers, while the bare foot path recreates the sensations of walking on natural elements. Children will love the Parc des Paillotes and its farmyard animals.

Travel here by Postbus, route 21.424 Cernier–MontmollinTarget not accessible as far as the “Cernier, Centre” stop. The park is approximately five minutes south of the village on foot.

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