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Your excursion to the Col du Marchairuz

Welcome to the Col du Marchairuz! The Col du Marchairuz is located at the heart of the Jura Vaudois Nature Park and is a true link between regions and people. The Jura Vaudois Nature Park is one of Switzerland’s regional nature parks and extends over 568 km2, from the top of La Dôleto the village of Romainmôtier.

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Take the 720 CarPostal line and discover the Col du Marchairuz and the many activities offered, in all seasons, by the Parc Jura Vaudois.

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Take PostBus route 720, which offers six return trips on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, allowing you to reach the Col du Marchairuz from Allaman, Gimel or Le Brassus all year round.

The “Resonance Wood” educational trail

In the forests of the Jura Vaudois Nature Park lies a hidden treasure: resonance woodTarget not accessible, made from spruce trees. Set off with family or friends in search of this wood prized by instrument makers the world over for its acoustic properties. It is said that only one in 10,000 trees is suitable enough to be used as the material for a guitar or violin! Along the way, listen carefully and let yourself be carried away by this atypical acoustic walk.

Gaia, the wood ant

Explore the red wood ant trail with Gaia. Formica rufa, known as the red wood ant for its colour, plays an essential role in our forests. So much so that in 1966, it became the first insect in Switzerland to be given protected status. There are ten points along the red wood ant trail presenting these likeable insects and their specific features. An educational and fun attraction to discover with family or friends.

Espace découvertes

The Jura Vaudois Nature Park welcomes visitors at its “'Espace découvertes”, located in the east wing of the Hôtel-Restaurant du Marchairuz. It is open at the same times as the restaurant, and admission is free. It houses a permanent exhibition detailing the tasks the Confederation has entrusted to Swiss regional nature parks.

It presents the park’s projects linked to the landscape, biodiversity, sustainable tourism, the promotion of local produce and the local economy, and increased awareness of sustainable development.

On foot or by bike

The Jura Vaudois Nature Park has selected itineraries of varying length and difficulty for outdoor and hiking enthusiasts. They are all marked and have public transport connections.

By bicycle, mountain bike or e-bike, you can discover unique and preserved landscapes, which also have public transport connections.

Take advantage of discounted tickets on this route.

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Other activities in the Jura Vaudois Nature Park

Sapin de Siméon trail

On sunny days, you can also enjoy a walk along the Sapin de Siméon trail, which has been renovated. Ten information points detail the richness of the nature surrounding you and tell you all about the history of the park’s forestry and ecosystem.

Winter activities

Whether on cross-country skis, snowshoes, sledges or on foot, explore the vast snow-covered landscapes of the Jura Vaudois Nature Park. Stay on the marked routes to avoid disturbing the wildlife.

Cross-country skiing

Explore the vast snowy expanses of the Jura Vaudois Nature Park. Enjoy the spruce forests and snow-covered valleys for cross-country skiing or sledging. The more adventurous can set off across the cross-country ski park, stretching from the Col du Mollendruz to La Givrine, passing the Col du Marchairuz. Along the way, a number of Alpine restaurantsTarget not accessible offer a resting place for hikers and skiers in winter − welcome opportunities for gourmet breaks.


Do you like sledging? Are you a thrill-seeker? Then the longest toboggan runTarget not accessible in the Vallée de Joux is for you! Wind your way down the northern slopes of the Marchairuz Pass between forests and clearings all the way down to the Vallée de Joux Nordic Center. And at the bottom of the slope, there is a large snow-covered area where children can discover the joys of winter and sliding.

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Route 10.720 Allaman–Aubonne– Gimel−St-George−Le Marchairuz–Le Brassus takes you to the Col du Marchairuz on weekends and public holidays all year round.

Acoustic walk: the “Resonance Wood” trail


<2 hrs min.

Difficulty level



Approx. 4 km

Altitude difference

+ 0 m / − m


PostBus stop: Le Brassus, gare (Saturdays and Sundays, public holidays), then walk to Les Grandes Roches (approx. 45’)


PostBus stop: Le Brassus, gare (Saturdays and Sundays, public holidays)

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