Thusis–San Bernardino route

The San Bernardino route runs from Thusis to Mesocco. Discover the Viamala Gorge, the mountain landscape around the San Bernardino Pass and the Misox Valley. Enjoy a wide variety of experiences all year round.

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St Martin’s Church in Zillis
St Martin’s Church in Zillis ©Markus Müller Foto & Film

The PostBus route runs from Thusis to the Misox Valley via the San Bernardino Pass from mid-June to mid-October. Experience the legendary Viamala Gorge, before the trail winds its way through the wild Roffla Gorge up to the Rhine forest. Splügen is an impressive sight, with its pristine old town.

You can explore the mystical moor landscape and the rugged mountain scenery on the San Bernardino Pass and around the beautiful Lake Moesola on a number of hiking trails, including a themed trail that takes in the unique scenery of the area (PostBus stop: San Bernardino, Ospizio).

The Misox Valley is home to some truly unique cultural gems, such as the Church of San Martino in Soazza and Mesocco Castle (PostBus stop: Mesocco, Stazione).

After Grono, the gateway for hikes in the wild and romantic Val Calanca (PostBus stop: Grono, Bivio Calanca), you arrive at the bottom of the valley. Bellinzona welcomes you, with its southern ambience and three UNESCO World Heritage Site castles.

The PostBus network is set up so that you will find good connections in Mesocco to Grono, Castione and Bellinzona.

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Highlights along the route

  • Andeer mineral spa
  • St Martin’s Church in Zillis
  • Crestawald fortress museum (PostBus stop: Sufers)
  • San Bernardino: family ski area and 33 km of cross-country ski trails
  • San Bernardino rope park (PostBus stop: San Bernardino, Villaggio)

Discover the Viamala Gorge

The Hinterrhein tributary has been flowing for thousands of years. Its mystical gorge, which is only a few metres wide at the narrowest parts, offers a unique natural spectacle.

  • Rocks of up to 300 metres that have been worn smooth
  • The play of colours in the water
  • Potholes dating back thousands of years
  • Spectacular bridge constructions
  • 359 steps leading to the center of the gorge
  • Visitor center

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