Safety at PostBus

Our passengers’ safety is paramount. That’s why PostBus has implemented measures at various levels to ensure that we can serve you with the best possible safety standards. Postbuses operate on almost 1,000 routes in normal, everyday road traffic throughout Switzerland and are therefore in particularly high demand.

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A Postbus driver changing a defective light bulb


Postbuses are well maintained. We maintain our vehicles according to the latest technical expertise. Each vehicle is subjected to a comprehensive safety check every day before the start of operations. Every month, each vehicle is subjected to a more detailed test.

We procure vehicle types that are suitable for the relevant area of operations.

The vehicles are modern and are replaced after 10 to 12 years.

In winter, snow chains are available for the Postbuses.

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A Postbus driver talking to a passenger


Our drivers are the face of PostBus. They are an important point of contact for passengers and are best placed to help with any questions or problems. We place great emphasis on comprehensive basic training, induction and further training for our drivers.

Our drivers try to prevent conflicts or de-escalate difficult situations.

Thanks to prevention campaigns and driver training, we keep our damage and accident rates low. As a result, passengers can travel safely and reliably with us. Nevertheless, if something should still happen, our passengers’ welfare and safety is paramount.

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A passenger holding on to a yellow handrail

Passenger area

The seats and poles are checked for fitness for purpose during a daily safety check.

On the more frequented routes and on those with a night service, the passenger area is equipped with video surveillance. The recordings help when evaluating incidents and can also have a deterrent effect. Postbuses with video equipment are labelled with the relevant symbol.

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A passenger scanning a real-time QR code


The stops are usually owned by the relevant municipality, who is also responsible for construction (bus shelters, etc.) and maintenance standards.

The stop sign itself is the property of PostBus and displays all the information relevant to your trip. The QR code displayed above the departure times provides real-time information on upcoming departure times and any delays.

Certain stops at blind spots are fitted with a light so that drivers can see the waiting passengers more clearly.

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