Reliable, sustainable public transport – exactly when you need it. With on-demand services, Postbuses pick people up from wherever they are and transport them wherever they want to go. PostBus has over 25 years of experience in on-demand transport and has run a number of successful projects.

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Thanks to our broad experience with all types of on-demand service, we can offer tailor-made digital transport solutions – either in combination with scheduled services or as a pure on-demand service. In addition to complete solutions, we also offer services and advice on all topics relating to on-demand transport. Because no city, mountain region or residential area is the same, and we know what matters. Thanks to this expertise, we can offer flexible transport solutions that are more sustainable, more economical and tailored to customer requirements.

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What on-demand projects has PostBus run?

PostBus has the largest number of successfully completed projects in Switzerland. Various projects are currently under way or in preparation. In Appenzell, Thusis and Vaud, the on-demand solution PubliCar is even part of the regular transport contract. Here is a selection of the most important projects:

Active on-demand transport

PubliCar Appenzell (area transport)

Almost the entire Canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden is served door-to-door during the day by up to three vehicles. Customers pay a convenience surcharge of 5 francs on their regular public transport ticket.

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PubliCar Vaud (area transport)

At weekends, a public transport service offering up to five vehicles is operated during off-peak times. Customers pay a convenience surcharge of 5 francs on their regular public transport ticket.

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PubliCar Thusis (“sequential” corridor transport)

Nine PostBus routes are merged in the evenings and served by three to four smaller vehicles. Customers pay the regular public transport fare.

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Verzasca Mobile (area transport in a valley corridor)

Two vehicles serve the Verzasca Valley door-to-door during the day. This includes journeys within the valley and from the valley to Tenero, Gordola and Riazzino and vice versa. The region is divided into three zones. Customers pay 5 francs per journey within one zone.

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Bus alpin

In the mountain regions of Gantrisch, Greina and Val de Charmey, passengers can order their journeys on-demand via the Bus alpin app. PostBus provides advice and expertise, has developed the app for Bus alpin and is responsible for technical fine-tuning.

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Completed projects

Kollibri Brig (area transport)

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From August 2020 to July 2021, customers in Brig-Glis were able to test an on-demand service running from 9 p.m. to midnight. PostBus teamed up with Taxi Aletsch to provide the service, which was very well received and proved an excellent supplement to scheduled services.

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Kollibri Brugg (area transport)

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The first on-demand public transport project in Switzerland. PostBus ran this service in the Brugg region for one year from October 2018, in conjunction with partners. Customers often used the service as a supplement to public transport and were very satisfied with it.

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SmartShuttle Uvrier (area and autonomous transport)

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Two automated vehicles served the Uvrier neighbourhood in Sion at 17 virtual stops during the day. It was one of the first projects in Switzerland to combine on-demand transport with automated shuttles.

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