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Kiental–Griesalp Route

Reichenbach im Kandertal Valley–Kiental–Griesalp

From Reichenbach the post bus climbs up the steepest PostBus route (28 % gradient) to Griesalp in the Kien valley. Experience the natural beauty of this area and enjoy some very attractive hikes.

Reichenbach in the Kandertal valley is starting point of most spectacular PostBus trips, and here the Kiental–Griesalp route commences. (PostBus stop Reichenbach i.K., Bahnhof). And with as much as 28-degree climb, it’s the steepest PostBus stretch! Before the backdrop of the mighty Blüemlisalphorn lays Griesalp, situated in the UNESCO World Heritage: Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch territory. Be prepared for some great highlights on this scenic trip!

Along the PostBus route you will find the PostBus Griesalp adventure trail. During the approximately two-hour hike you will experience the four elements earth, fire, water and air at 13 stations. From a platform you see the steep curves of the PostBus route directly underneath you. In addition, there is a photo stop overlooking Lake Tschingel, a climbing wall and a weather-protected barbecue station.

The Adventure Trail is a project of Kiental-Reichenbach Tourism in conjunction with PostBus and was financed by sponsors.

During summer, the so-called «Guggerwäg» cuckoo path permits you insight into the animal world of the Kiental valley, and the «Kien Zappel» round-path and introduction to a story tale world. Passing the impressive Tschingel Lake (PostBus stop Kiental, Tschingel), PostBus then winds its way up to the Griesalp along narrow, bending roads.

And along the route it’s only fair to mention there are countless theme paths, such as the Kiental valley sayings path that takes you to the scene of some spooky legends. Waterfalls and what’s known as witch’s cauldron (Hexenkessel) line the wildwater trail, and the sculpture trail unites the topics of art and water.

Loads of attractive hiking routes are yours to enjoy on the Griesalp (PostBus stop Griesalp, Kurhaus), besides mountain farming and a nature trail that bring you closer to understanding the culture and nature of the region. Particularly popular with well-practised hikers are tours over the Hohtürli to Lake Oeschinen and on to Gspaltenhorn - or via Sefinenfurgge to the Sefinental valley. Or choose one of the circular hikes Griesalp–Christihubel–Griesalp or Griesalp–Gamchi–Griesalp. After a day of hiking full of impressions you can treat yourself to refreshments and meals at the Berggasthaus Golderli, Griesalp Hotels, Naturfreundehaus Gorneren or the Berghaus Bundalp.

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Timetable / travel information

You will find the entire Swiss public transport timetable online here.

Timetable 31.220 Reichenbach–Kiental–(Griesalp)
Timetable 330 (RE Lötschberger)

Route not open all year


Reservations for individual travelers (1-9 persons) are not accepted. Reservations are required for groups of 10 or more. 

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Bicycle transport fixtures available in/on the vehicle.
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Special comments:

Limited space for bicycles. No Bicycle transport between Tschingel and Griesalp possibile

Wheelchair accessibility

Limited wheelchair access to the postbus

Special comments:
All routes between Reichenbach i.K. and Ramslauenen are wheelchair accessible.
Reservation required between Ramslauenen and Griesalp at least 3 hours before departure (Tel. 0848 100 222 during office hours)




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