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Diemtigtal route

From Oey-Diemtigen, the Diemtigtal route takes you through Diemtigtal Nature Park. Passing unspoilt nature and pristine mountain villages, you can travel comfortably and safely by Postbus to Grimmialp.

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A Postbus on its way through the Diemtigtal Nature Park
A Postbus on its way through the Diemtigtal Nature Park

There’s plenty for you to discover on the Diemtigtal route.

The Diemtigtal Nature Park offers a range of summer and winter activities. To get there, hop on to the Postbus on route 250 in Oey-Diemtigen and enjoy a pleasant ride to Grimmialp.

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Lake Seeberg

The Spillgerten region with Lake Seeberg is a protected area due to its biodiversity. Start your hike to Lake SeebergTarget not accessible at the Zwischenflüh, Anger bus stop. After about three hours you will reach the crystal clear natural lake. Stop at the Seeberg mountain restaurant for a bite to eat before the descent to Schwenden im Diemtigtal. From Schwenden i. D., Fildrichbrücke, the Postbus will take you back to Oey-Diemtigen.


As well as numerous hiking trailsTarget not accessible, the Wiriehorn has a bike park with trails of all levels of difficulty and a scooter descentTarget not accessible.

“Grimmimutz” discovery trail

The “Grimmimutz”Target not accessible discovery trail is a perfect family outing with plenty of places to play and learn along the way.

“Gwunderwasser” water play area

Close to the Schwenden i.D. Tiermatti bus stop is the “Gwunderwasser” water play areaTarget not accessible, where you’re sure to have plenty of fun.

Diemtigtal valley hiking trail

The Diemtigtal valley hiking trailTarget not accessible from Schwenden to Oey follows the Fildrich and Chirel valley waters, and passes through forests and meadows. The mountain rivers are crossed by eleven bridges. Your starting point is the Schwenden im Diemtigtal stop. You can plan your four-hour hike as you wish, taking into account the numerous PostBus stops.

Grimmiwasser – a place of natural power

The mountain hike to Grimmiwasser, a place of natural power,Target not accessible is also impressive, with its moorlands, rare Alpine flowers and red iron-rich sources that are said to provide energy.


The Diemtigtal Nature Park also offers a wide range of sports and leisure activities in winterTarget not accessible. Whether you’re sledging on the Wiriehorn, snowshoeing or skiing at the family-friendly ski resort.

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  • Runs daily
  • Bicycle carrier systems available on the vehicle. The number of places is limited.

Excursion report by Travelita

The well-known Swiss travel blogger TravelitaTarget not accessible tested the Diemtigtal route for us. Take a look at her excursion reportTarget not accessible and hiking suggestions for inspiration.

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