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Kiental–Griesalp route

From Reichenbach, the Postbus will take you along the steepest PostBus route (ascent: 28%), up to Griesalp in the Kiental Valley. You’ll discover beautiful scenery and magnificent hikes.

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Reichenbach im Kandertal is the starting point for one of the most spectacular Postbus journeys, as this is where the Kiental–Griesalp route (route 220)Target not accessible starts. With an ascent of up to 28%, the section between Tschingel and Griesalp is the steepest PostBus route. And you just have to experience how the Postbus travels through the hairpin bends with millimetre precision!


  • Lake Tschingel

    Lake Tschingel is a nature reserve that isn’t just a lake as you might imagine, but a large area with countless gravel banks, rivulets and streams. Lake Tschingel was formed in 1972 following a landslide, and is now a wetland of national importance.

  • PostBus discovery trail

    The PostBus discovery trailTarget not accessible takes you from Griesalp down to the Kiental Valley in around two hours. On the way, you will experience the four elements of earth, fire, water and air at 13 stations. From a platform, you can look directly at the steep curves of the PostBus route. There is also a photo stop with a view of Lake Tschingel, a climbing wall and a protected barbecue area for a picnic break.

  • Themed trails

    From the Griesalp, you can enjoy a leisurely hike through the beautiful natural landscape and learn lots of interesting things along the way on the alpine farming and nature educational trail, the legendary Kiental Sagenweg and the wildwater trail.

  • Hikes

    Numerous hiking routes start from Griesalp in an impressive mountain landscape. It’s unsurprising that the unspoilt natural landscape towards the end of the Kien Valley is part of the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Refreshments

    After an impressive day of hiking, you can treat yourself to culinary delights at the Berggasthaus Golderli, Naturfreundehaus Gorneren, at the Hotel Waldrand-Pochtenalp or at the Griesalp HotelsTarget not accessible.

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Timetable Kiental–Griesalp route (route 220)

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  • Runs daily From 18 May to 20 October 2024.
  • The service at 5.38 p.m. runs from Kiental, Dorf  Runs to Griesalp, Kurhaus on Saturdays, Sundays and general public holidays only. On Fridays, the service runs only if reserved in advance by 4 p.m. on the previous day.

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