Northern Switzerland, Solothurn / Aargau, Zurich

11 themed and discovery trails in Northern Switzerland
Active relaxation and mental fitness: training for body and mind

Themed and discovery trails are the ideal combination of active recreation and stimulating brain activity. Our 11 ideas are sure to exercise both your body and your mind. Of course, PostBus will take you there and back.

A Postbus travels over the Albis Pass towards Hausen am Albis, Post. Lake Zurich can be seen in the background.

1. “Umweg am Albis” audio experience and circular hike
Climb, look and listen!

The “Umweg am Albis” hike will bring you closer to the landscape – by Postbus and on foot. Simply download the Umweg appTarget not accessible, put on your headphones and off you go. During the 40-minute journey by Postbus from Thalwil to Kappel am Albis, you can listen to interesting stories about people, the landscape and nature as you look through the window. The journey takes you to the audio circular hike of the same name, which starts at Kappel a. A., Kloster. In just over an hour and a half, you can fully enjoy the landscape of Albis, with poems, science, philosophy and sound. You can rediscover the importance of the (disappearing) natural landscape and what it means for us – it’s entertaining environmental education at its best!

Postbus stop: Thalwil, Bahnhof (route 240), from Hausen am Albis, Post (route 280) (no need to change)

Herznach mining silo – Frick Valley iron ore

2. Iron trail in the Upper Frick Valley
Follow the ore trail

Iron ore was already being mined in the Upper Frick Valley 800 years ago. The 17-kilometer-long Iron TrailTarget not accessible from Wölflinswil to Zeihen covers the history of this coveted raw material with 11 information boards. A visit to the Herznach mine with its imposing ore silo and the Weichle tapping site, where you can dig for fossils millions of years old, are particularly interesting. This easy hike takes around 4 hours, but can also be done in three stages.

Postbus stop: Wölflinswil, Dorfplatz (route 136)

nature park thal family trail pumpelpitz

3. Pumpelpitz trail in the Thal Nature Park
The forest – a great place to play and have fun

The little forest gnome Pumpelpitz and his son Pumpi invite you on a two-and-a-half-hour journey of discovery. On the 3.6-kilometre Pumpelpitz family trailTarget not accessible, you can let off steam in nature, observe the fauna and flora and create magnificent forest mandalas. It’s worth taking a break at the Hagli Beiz restaurant or at one of the fireplaces. Information about the Pumpelpitz family trail is only available in digital form. The appTarget not accessible can be downloaded for CHF 10.

Postbus stop: Ramiswil, Mühle (route 115)

Woodpecker-themed trail in Bülach

4. Woodpecker-themed trail in Bülach
Can you hear the woodpeckers knocking?

With its large population of sessile and English oaks as well as large quantities of deadwood, the Bülach Hardwald forest is the ideal habitat for the red cap middle spotted woodpecker. A 2.3-kilometre themed trailTarget not accessible provides around 90 minutes of information about the endangered bird species and its preferred habitat. In addition to the nine stops on the trail, there is an interesting audio guide for your smartphone and a fun competition for children. You can stop off for a break at various fireplaces and a forest hut. 

Postbus stop: Bülach, Hinterbirch (routes 515, 535) | Bülach, Hirslen (routes 515, 535)

Lower Frick Valley music trail

5. Music trail in the Lower Frick Valley
From alphorns to ukuleles and xylophones

To mark its 50th anniversary, the Lower Fricktal Music School has given the local population a special gift: the music trail. All 56 instruments taught at the music school are included in a series of interactive information boards. Want to have a go? You can play the organ or conduct an orchestra. Want to listen? Sound installations round off the exciting themed trail. The 25-kilometer music trail can be completed in just under 7 hours, but can also be hiked in stages.

Postbus stop: Wegenstetten, Abzw. Schupfart (route 89)

Honey trail Oberbaselbiet Rünenberg liquid gold

6. Honey trail at Rünenberg
Where is the liquid gold?

Learn all about this valuable foodstuff and remedy on the Rünenberg honey trailTarget not accessible. Over a distance of 3.5 kilometers, various boards provide information about bees and their way of life, the production of honey and beekeeping (forest beekeeping). At the end of the trail, several types of honey from the Oberbaselbiet region are available for sale every day. Ready for a treasure huntTarget not accessible? The bees have stored their gold in a safe place. Think you can track it down?

Postbus stop: Rünenberg, Mitteldorf (route 104)

Freddy Fratzel discovery trails in Wildberg

7. Freddy Fratzel discovery trails in Wildberg
In search of treasure and socks

The two adventure trails in the Töss Valley guarantee exciting hours with millipede Freddy Fratzel. The “sock huntTarget not accessible” is a 5-kilometre circular walk and is suitable for children aged 3 and over. Including games and breaks, it takes about 3 hours. Children aged 10 and over can go on a "treasure huntTarget not accessible”. Will the clues on the trail from Wildberg to Turbenthal lead you to the hidden treasure?

Postbus stop: Wildberg, Alte Post (route 825)

Freiamt folklore trail

8. The Freiamt folklore trail
Art with toads, skittles and gnomes

Freiamt boasts a rich culture of myths and legends. The Freiamt folklore trailTarget not accessible brings those legends to life. It’s a place you can see witches dancing in a clearing. The scheming “Stiefeliryter” (a figure from local folklore) gallops through the air. Over there, a married couple in anguish holds the light of hope up to the sky. The 12 impressive works of art are located in the forest between the legendary Erdmannlistein and the Waltenschwil animal park.

Postbus stop: Waltenschwil, Hessel (route 341)

Grindel sound trail

9. Grindel sound trail
Open your ears and eyes for sound and art

A marble run that creates music. A metre-long “whispering phone” made of wind instruments. Antique saw blades as drum cymbals. Bamboo canes that sound like rain. On the Grindel sound trail,Target not accessible sound takes center stage in the seven imaginatively designed works of art. Because the trail is very short at just under one kilometre, there is plenty of time to try out, listen and marvel at the various exhibits – and it is ideal for families with children.

Postbus stop: Grindel, Mitte (route 114)

Predator trail at Wildnispark Zurich

10. Predator trail at Wildnispark Zurich
Visiting bears, lynxes and wolves

The predator trailTarget not accessible at Wildnispark Zurich is just under one kilometre long. This gives you plenty of time to see the bears, lynxes and wolves. As the habitats are designed to be extremely natural and the animals have plenty of opportunity to withdraw, it takes a little patience and luck to spot the native predators. The short path is ideal for families with children, but not suitable for buggies due to the steps. At the start and end point, you can sample any of the tempting small and large delicacies available at the Langenberg restaurant.

Postbus stop: Langnau a.A., Schwerzi-Wildpark (route 240)

WWF Beaver trail Tössegg–Rüdlingen

11. WWF beaver trail Tössegg–Rüdlingen
In the realm of the furry builders

The 4.4-kilometre WWF beaver trailTarget not accessible leads directly through the diverse habitat of the protected beavers along the Rhine from Tössegg to Rüdlingen. Ten stations and puzzles and tasks provide lots of interesting facts about Europe’s largest rodent. As beavers are crepuscular and nocturnal, depending on the time of day, you will mainly be able to detect their presence based on signs such as gnawed tree trunks, dams and footprints.

Postbus stop: Teufen ZH, Unterteufen (route 522, 20 minutes on foot) | Rüdlingen, Gemeindehaus (route 675, 5 minutes on foot)

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