A journey of discovery to Collina d’Oro

Enjoy a day of culture and relaxation at a discounted price. Forget the hustle and bustle of the city and head off on a journey of discovery to the heritage sites in Collina d’Oro. You can end your day surrounded by beautiful scenery and take some time to relax.

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Church of Sant’Abbondio in Gentilino

Collina d’Oro has a rich history, as evidenced by the multitude of artistic monuments, aristocratic buildings and ancient religious structures.

Religious buildings

Visit the religious buildings of Sant’Abbondio in Gentilino (stop: “Gentilino, S. Abbondio”) and San Tommaso in Agra (stop: “Agra, Paese”).

Museum and trail dedicated to Hermann Hesse

In Montagnola, be sure to visit Museum Hermann Hesse (stop: “Montagnola, Paese”), which is located in the Casa Camuzzi, where the writer lived for 12 years. Montagnola is also the start of an educational path dedicated to Hermann Hesse. The path meanders between houses and pleasant locations that were significant to the writer’s life in Montagnola, before ending at the Gentilino cemetery, where he was laid to rest in 1962.

Relax at a discounted price at the Resort Collina d’Oro

You’ll still have time for some relaxation before you head home. If you travel with PostBus, you will receive attractive discounts at the Resort Collina d’Oro (stop: “Agra, Roncone”): a 15% discount in the Day Spa and a 10% discount in the restaurant.
You can request the voucher on board any Postbus that travels on the route to Agra and present it at the resort, along with a valid public transport ticket. An excellent reason to travel with PostBus!

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