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Around the Chutzenturm tower

The Chutzenturm tower is a landmark of the Frienisberg region and can be seen from afar. The area around the observation tower also has a great deal to offer. Discover the local recreational area with ease by Postbus.

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Drone photo of the top section of the Chutzenturm observation tower with a view over the Seeland region as far as the Chasseral. @Mike Niederhauser Merlin Photography

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Whether it’s one of the many hiking routes, a visit to the former abbey, a bike tour on the 890 bike route or a walk with the fluffy alpacas, this popular recreational area right outside Bern offers a variety of leisure activities and stunning views.

From Bern, take PostBus route 105 directly to Frienisberg and continue to Lyss via Meikirch, Seedorf.


Chutzenturm tower

The 45-metre-high Chutzenturm tower is a regional landmark and can be seen from afar. After climbing its 234 steps, you will be rewarded with a fantastic panoramic view of the immediate surroundings, the Seeland region, the Alps and the Jura.

Frienisberg Abbey

The Frienisberg Abbey was founded by the Order of Cistercians over 800 years ago and was originally given the name Aurora. Throughout the centuries, the abbey also served a social function. Since 1987, the now former abbey has been run as a retirement and care home.

Alpaca farm

Right next to the “Ausserortschwaben” stop, you will find Alpakahof Bern, an alpaca farm. Walks with the fluffy alpacas are available by prior arrangement, and various alpaca wool products are available in the shop.

A region for connoisseurs

Frienisberg also offers a large selection of regional products that are made full of love for the area.

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Timetable for route 105 Bern–Meikirch–Seedorf–Lyss

The Frienisberg recreational area can also be explored with other PostBus routes:

Timetable for route 100 Bern–Wohlen–Detligen–Aarberg

Timetable for route 101 Bern–Kappelenring/Schlossmatt

Timetable for route 102 Bern–Uettligen–Säriswil

Timetable for route 104 Bern–Meikirch–Wahlendorf

Timetable for route 106 Bern–Kirchlindach–Zollikofen

Timetable for route 107 Bern–Wohlen–Uettligen–(Kirchlindach)–(Zollikofen)

Timetable for route 361 Aarberg–Aarberg, Spital–Lyss

Timetable for route 365 Aarberg–Seedorf

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