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Frienisberg route

Discover the Frienisberg recreational area at the gates of the city of Bern by Postbus. From Bern, the Frienisberg line takes you to Aarberg - with many clear views of the Bernese Alps and the Jura Mountains.

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Lake Wohlen and rural surroundings

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The Frienisberg route (route 100) starts at Bern railway station, passing the length of Lake Wohlen through fields, hedgerow landscapes and woods as it takes you to Aarberg. Along the way, you will be rewarded with many stunning views of the Seeland region, the Bernese Alps and the Jura Mountains.

This route was already used as early as Roman times, and in 1906 became the first scheduled PostBus route.



The popular Frienisberg recreational area offers numerous leisure activities for you to look forward to. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll along Lake Wohlen or a long hike with lots of panoramic views – whatever you fancy, Frienisberg has a hiking route for you.

But you can also explore Frienisberg on two wheels: the region is criss-crossed by various biking trails, such as the 890 cycle route.

Lake Wohlen

Lake Wohlen is a reservoir on the Aare river behind the dam at the Mühleberg hydroelectric power plant. The peace and beauty of idyllic Lake Wohlen invite you to take a leisurely stroll or a dip in its cool waters in summer.

Chutzenturm tower

The 45-metre-high Chutzenturm tower is a regional landmark and can be seen from afar. After climbing its 234 steps, you will be rewarded with a fantastic panoramic view of the surroundings, the Seeland region, the Alps and the Jura.


This historic little town with its covered wooden bridge has a special charm, with many small shops and restaurants inviting you to linger for a while. Aarberg also has a lot to offer culturally, with events such as “Puce”, a flea and antiques market that always attracts many visitors.

Aarberg sugar factory

Those with a sweet tooth may want to visit the Aarberg sugar factory, where sugar is produced for use in the home, for wholesalers and animal feed and much more. Tours are available in the autumn for visitors interested to see how the natural sweetness of the fields ends up on the dining table.

A region for connoisseurs

Frienisberg also offers a large selection of regional products that are made full of love for the area.

Landscape of the Year 2024

The Frienisberg plateau was named “Landscape of the Year 2024Target not accessible” by the Swiss Landscape Conservation Foundation. The southern plateau is renowned for intact hamlets in a continually enhanced cultural landscape, making it one of the most distinctive hamlet landscapes in Switzerland.

Travel information

Frienisberg route timetable (route 100) Bern–Wohlen–Detligen–Aarberg

The Frienisberg recreational area can also be explored with other PostBus routes:

Route 101 timetable Bern–Kappelenring/Schlossmatt
Route 102 timetable Bern–Uettligen–Säriswil
Route 104 timetable Bern–Meikirch–Wahlendorf
Route 105 timetable Bern–Meikirch–Seedorf–Lyss
Route 106 timetable Bern–Kirchlindach–Zollikofen
Route 107 timetable Bern–Wohlen–Uettligen–(Kirchlindach)–(Zollikofen)
Route 361 timetable Aarberg–Aarberg, Spital–Lyss
Route 365 timetable Aarberg–Seedorf

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