Foroglio and Val Calnègia

A walk from the spectacular waterfall to the mystical valley

The 110 metres high Foroglio waterfall in Val Bavona is the most spectacular waterfall in Ticino; from its summit the Val Calnègia opens up, where history resurfaces amidst pastures and rocks.

Foroglio, a charming village in Val Bavona, is known for its magnificent waterfall on the edge of the village, which makes for a beautiful postcard picture. Get off at the "Foroglio (Bavona)" stop and take a few steps to reach the steep path leading to the waterfall. Climbing up in the shade of the forest in alternating flat stretches and stairs, you will reach the plateau of Val Calnègia with its first mountain pasture settlement Puntid. From here, the three-kilometre excursion begins on an easy path marked and shaped by nature. The route takes you over ancient alluvial sediments, through landslides and forests, slightly uphill to Calnègia, the last ancient village of the eponymous valley. The walk follows the path of the ancient transhumance perpetrated by our ancestors. This is a precious testimony of how man has tried by all means to adapt to this rugged landscape. From Calnègia, the return journey is on the same path towards Foroglio, while the more experienced hikers can continue on steep alpine paths leading to the idyllic lakes of Crosa, then reach the Pian di Crest hut and return by postbus from San Carlo.

Hiking time 3.5 hours
Level of difficulty easy
Distance 7.98 km 


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