Lötschental Route

Gampel–Steg–Hohtenn–Goppenstein–Blatten (Lötschen)–Fafleralp

The Lötschental Route begins in the Rhone Valley and continues up to Lötschberg and into the «magical Lötschental Valley» and on to Fafleralp Experience the unspoiled Lötschental Valley, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch.

From Gampel-Steg in the Rhone Valley, the Lötschental Route climbs up to Lötschberg and into, the «magical Lötschental Valley». One of the largest open-air festivals in Switzerland is held in Gampel every year, featuring internationally successful musicians. Switzerland’s oldest vine was planted in Steg in 1750 and has become a plant of national fame (PostBus stop Steg, Bakery). Steg is also the gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch. In Hohtenn, a village on the southern slope of the Lötschberg, you can see some of the amazing irrigation channels (PostBus stop Hohtenn, Village). Lötschental Valley was isolated for a long time and has preserved its customs and unspoiled scenery. In the villages of Ferden, Kippel, Wiler and Blatten with their sun-burned wooden houses and barns, time seems to have stood still. During the pre-Lenten season, wild-looking, fur-covered creatures with horrifying wooden masks roam the streets with cow bells clanging. Visit the Lötschental Museum in Kippel to learn more about the local customs (PostBus stop Kippel, Retirement Home). Lauchernalp is a perfect place for hiking and in winter Hockenhorngrat is an attractive ski and freeride area offering magnificent views (PostBus stop Wiler (Lötschen), Gondola). The glacier-formed landscape of Fafleralp is hiker’s paradise, for example the trails to Anen Glacier, Lang Glacier, or to the Annen Hut (PostBus stop Blatten (Lötschen), Fafleralp).

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Lötschental Hiking Pass:
Available from the drivers on the Lötschental Route; includes post bus ride, museum admission, mini-golf, cable cars, and indoor pool


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