Central Alps Passes: Grimsel–Nufenen–Gotthard–Susten Pass Route


The Grimsel–Nufenen–Gotthard–Susten Pass Route promises pure Alpine romance! On the 1-day round trip you ascend an overall 10‘366 meters distance, without changing transport, and enjoy stupendous views over the imposing glacier, deep valleys and romantic little villages.

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The Grimsel–Nufenen–Gotthard–Susten Pass route takes you from Meiringen across four of the most magnificent Swiss mountain passes and a total of 10‘366 meters in altitude difference in just one day.

The Grimsel Pass road leads past sparkling reservoir lakes offering marvelous views (PostBus stop Grimsel Pass). The impressive mountain panorama on the Nufenen Pass beckons to stay and linger a while (PostBus stop Nufenen Pass). At an altitude of 2478 meters it is the highest road across the Swiss Alps. At the top of the passes you have enough time to enjoy the fantastic views with leisure. Make time for a light lunch during the midday stop in the picturesque Ticino village of Airolo (PostBus stop Airolo, Railway Station).

You reach the Gotthard, known as the “King of Passes”, via an impressive mountain road offering views of the old Tremola Road (Postbus stop: Gotthard Passhöhe). The Tremola Road is the longest road monument in Switzerland. Built in 1830, it was reconstructed in 1951 and is currently undergoing restoration once again. At its most spectacular, the road navigates 24 hairpin bends along a distance of four kilometres and a height of 300 metres. 

On top of the pass you can visit the futuristic displays at the Sasso San Gottardo exhibit and experience the historic Gotthard fortress. Discover the myth of Gotthard! A Swiss army artillery fortress that was top secret until just a few years ago is located deep inside the mountain. Once an impenetrable fortress that entered the history books as the National Redoubt, the site is now home to an unforgettable world that explores sustainability and the myth of Switzerland. Make your way down into the historic fortress on the underground ‘Metro del Sasso’. Experience history up close in the gun chambers, munitions magazines and dormitories located deep inside the rock. A tunnel takes you out into the open, from where you can enjoy a view of the magical mountain landscape from a surprising perspective.

The Gotthard region also offers hiking trails with fine views, such as a section of the Four Springs Trail.

The Devil’s Bridge leading across the rough Schöllenen Gorge is another highlight along this route. On the way to the Susten Pass the postbus crosses no less than 25 bridges and passes through 25 tunnels. You will also have the opportunity to explore the famous Stone Glacier (PostBus stop Steingletscher, Susten).

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Timetable no.12.682 Meiringen–Grimsel–Nufenen–Gotthard–Susten–Meiringen (Grimsel–Nufenen–Gotthard–Susten Pass route)

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