Gotthard Pass Route

Airolo–San Gottardo–Andermatt

The extraordinary mountain road with views of the historic route takes you across the Gotthard Pass, the “King of Mountain Passes”. Even in Roman times, the pass was already a major north-south connection.

The postbus services on the Gotthard Pass route are available to take you from Airolo and Andermatt to the top of Gotthard Pass.

Airolo has been the meeting point of different cultures for centuries. And you’re reminded of this by the granite sculpture by artist Gianfranco Rossi at the southern entrance to the Gotthard tunnel. Discover a part of Ticino’s culture at the show dairy in Airolo – or better yet, enjoy a taste of the specialities at the adjacent restaurant.

The Gotthard, also known as the “King of Mountain Passes”, is reached via the extraordinary mountain road with views of the old Tremola route (PostBus stop Gotthard Passhöhe). The Tremola is the longest road construction monument in Switzerland. It was built around 1830, rebuilt in 1951 and is currently under reconstruction again. The most spectacular part of the road is the section where it climbs 300 altitude meters taking 24 turns within 4 km.

Even in Roman times, the pass was one of the most important north-south connections.

On top of the pass you can visit the futuristic displays at the Sasso San Gottardo exhibit and experience the historic Gotthard fortress. Discover the legend of the Gotthard! The existence of the Swiss Army’s defensive fortress deep inside the mountain was top secret until a few years ago. The fortress, once considered unassailable and described in the history books as the Swiss Redoubt, is now home to an amazing exhibition exploring sustainability and the myth of Switzerland. Travel underground with the Metro del Sasso to visit the famous fortress. There, deep within the mountain, history comes alive with gun rooms, ammunition depot and sleeping quarters. A tunnel leads to the outside where views of the spectacular mountains can be enjoyed from an unusual perspective.

The Gotthard region also offers hiking trails with fine views, such as a section of the Four Springs Trail.

The renovated modern St. Gotthard Hospice is a wonderful place to spend the night. It is the first known mountain hostel, established in 1237.

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