Klausen Pass route anniversary

100 years of PostBus journeys on the Klausen Pass

The first Postbuses crossed the Klausen Pass in 1922. Today, around 30,000 passengers travel over the Klausen Pass by Postbus every summer. The anniversary season starts on 18 June 2022. 

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Closing date: 18.9.2022

The route over the Klausen Pass between the cantons of Glarus and Uri was officially opened and used by the first mail coaches on 15 June 1900. Once the road had been made suitable for cars to drive on, Postbuses starting travelling on the route in 1922.

This year (2022), PostBus is therefore celebrating the 100th anniversary of Postbus journeys over the Klausen Pass. The seasonal trips on route 409 Altdorf UR–Klausen–Linthal over the Klausen Pass will operate from 18 June to 18 September 2022. 

The Klausen Pass route has taken visitors over the Klausen Pass from Flüelen to Linthal for 100 years. To get to Flüelen, take a lovely ride on a nostalgic paddle steamer across Lake Lucerne.

Enjoy the sweeping views of the majestic mountain ranges and turn back the pages of history on the “Swiss Path” that leads you to numerous historic sites. Relaxation is assured with a swim in the lake or a visit to the Kneipp facility (PostBus stop Flüelen, Railway Station). On the Altdorf village square - impossible to miss - stands a statue of Wilhelm Tell and his son Walter. To learn more about the Swiss national hero, stop in at the Tell Museum in Bürglen (PostBus stop Bürglen, Post Office).

The journey continues through the rugged Schächental Valley. You may want to explore it on foot on a stunning mountain hiking path leading in easy ups and downs along the sunny side of the valley from Klausen Pass (PostBus stop Unterschächen, Untere Balm) to Eggberge.

Be sure to take a break at the hotel at the top of Klausen Pass for some refreshments and to enjoy the unspoiled mountain scenery (PostBus stop Balm (Klausen)). An exciting ride through a few hairpin turns will take you down to Urnerboden, Switzerland’s largest Alp. In Linthal a variety of tours is available to discover the mountains of Glarus (PostBus stop Linthal, Railway Station). The route across Klausen Pass is part of Via Alpina, an international long-distance trail that runs the length of the Alps from Slovenia all the way to Monaco.


  • Boat trip to Flüelen
  • Lido and Kneipp resort in Flüelen
  • Tell Museum in Bürglen (canton of Uri)
  • Schächental mountain trail
  • The Postbus journey over the Klausen Pass
  • Klausen Pass with the Klausenpass Hotel

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Timetable 60.409 Flüelen–Klausen–Linthal

PostBus route 409 Flüelen–Klausen–Linthal will operate from 18 June to 18 September 2022.

Getting there

You can travel to Flüelen by train, Tellbus or with the boat from Lucerne. Take the 408 Postbus from the train station in Flüelen and enjoy the picturesque journey over the Klausen Pass to Linthal. The train departs from here when travelling back home.


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