Melchsee-Frutt Route

Sarnen–Melchtal–Stöckalp–Melchsee-Frutt plateau

On the Melchsee-Frutt route, number 343, enjoy the journey starting from Sarnen, passing through Kerns into the unspoilt, romantic Melchtal and ending in Stöckalp.  On arrival in Stöckalp, a 12-minute gondola trip awaits you, taking you from Stöckalp to Melchsee-Frutt, a picturesque high valley at 1,920 metres above sea level. Melchsee-Frutt is a family-friendly location for excursions both in the summer and winter, situated next to the deep-blue Melchsee lake. 

The Melchtal valley, sandwiched between the Lucerne and Sarnen lakes, extends in a southerly direction from the town of Kerns. It ends at Stöckalp, at the farthest end of the valley. 

Sarnen, situated on a charming lake of the same name, offers a wide variety of leisure activities, such as boat rides, swimming, hiking and biking (PostBus stop Sarnen, Railway Station). The town square is lined with historic buildings. The armory of Landenberg Castle, Witch Tower and the baroque parish church St. Peter and Paul are all attractions worth visiting. Delve into the local history and culture in the history museum of Canton Obwalden. The convent in Sarnen with its gothic-style sculpture of Jesus, known as the Christ Child of Sarnen, attracts numerous visitors. Via Kerns you get to the village of Melchtal with its pilgrimage church and Melchtal Abbey, founded in the 19th century by Benedictine nuns (PostBus stop Melchtal, Village).

All the way at the end of Melchtal valley is Stöckalp where the base station of the Melchsee-Frutt gondola is located (PostBus stop Stöckalp). Melchsee-Frutt is a sunny, family-friendly and car-free green high valley. The carpet of summer flowers and the two deep blue mountain lakes – Melchsee and Tannensee – nestled within the high valley and rich in trout, are particularly impressive. The sunny village located by Melchsee lake offers numerous barbecue areas, a playground and a pleasant walking track that heads up to Tannalp. Another highlight is the Fruttli train, which offers fun rides between Melchsee-Frutt and Tannalp. 
The extensive high valley offers numerous hiking trails. The most popular trails include the Hasliberg-Melchsee-Frutt ridge-path and the four-lake hike from Melchsee-Frutt to Engelberg. 

The car-free Melchsee-Frutt winter sports area operates from 1,080 to 2,255 metres above sea level. The high valley, with its sunny winter hiking paths and cross-country ski trails, is flanked by two ski areas: Balmeregghorn and Erzegg. These offer wide, sunny slopes and the freestyle park. The eight-kilometre long trail to Stöckalp is a must-do for sledders. At Fruttli-Land, children can have loads of fun on the magic carpet and ski carousel.


  • Melchsee-Frutt plateau with two mountain lakes
  • The picturesque Melchsee location
  • Hopping from mountain lake to mountain lake with the Fruttli train
  • Hasliberg-Melchsee-Frutt ridge-path and the Melchsee-Frutt-Engelberg (Trübsee lake) four-lake hike.
  • Mountain lake fishing at almost 2,000 metres above sea level.
  • Alpine lifestyle at Frutt Lodge & Spa
  • 8 km long sledding trail to Stöckalp 

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