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The Rosenlaui route takes you from Meiringen to the Rosenlaui Valley. In Goethe’s footsteps it takes you past the unique Glacier Gorge up to the Schwarzwaldalp and on to the Grosse Scheidegg, where magnificent mountain peaks appear close enough to touch.

The Rosenlaui Route takes you from Meiringen past the famous Rosenlaui Gorge to the quiet mountain hamlet of Schwarzwaldalp. Meiringen is believed to be the place where meringue was invented. It is also a Mecca for hobby detectives. The Sherlock Holmes Museum includes an authentic reproduction of the master detective’s workplace. The Reichenbach funicular climbs up to the famous Reichenbach Falls. The Hasli regional museum offers a wealth of information about the culture of the area. Be sure not to miss the Aare Gorge as you leave Meiringen (PostBus stop Meiringen, Railway Station).

On the way to Schwarzwaldalp you will pass the famous Rosenlaui Gorge (PostBus stop Glacier Gorge), where the water roars through narrow rock passages and mystical grottos. A walkway is provided so that you can enjoy the untamed beauty of the canyon at your leisure. Hotel Rosenlaui from the “Belle Epoque” beckons you to linger (PostBus stop Rosenlaui, Hotel). The old water-powered sawmill at Schwarzwaldalp is another interesting place to see (PostBus stop Schwarzwaldalp).

At Schwarzwaldalp you have a variety of great hiking possibilities. You can get to Grosse Scheidegg by way of Alpigen where a high trail continues to the First mountain station. In summer, a bus connects Schwarzwaldalp via Grosse Scheidegg with the world-famous resort of Grindelwald. Sledding enthusiasts will particularly enjoy the 5.5 kmride from Grosse Scheidegg to Schwarzwaldalp.

The Rosenlaui route is also part of the legendary Glacier Gorge round trip. From there, the panoramic views of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are breathtaking. With departures by rail, bus, PostBus and boat, from Interlaken Ost this scenic ride leads over the Grosse Scheidegg via Grindelwaldand, on through the wild and romantic Rosenlaui Valley to Meiringen; then from Meiringen via Brienz on Lake Brienz back to your original Interlaken Ost departure point.

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Timetable no. 31.164 Meiringen–Schwarzwaldalp
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