Simplon Pass Route


Take a trip on the Simplon Pass Route, trace the footsteps of Napoleon, and experience an unforgettable journey from the Alpine city of Brig via the Simplon Pass to the small Italian town of Domodossola.

The Simplon Pass Route, departing from Brig, takes you to the Italian town of Domodossola via the Simplon Pass. (You require an identity card or passport to cross the border).

Already, centuries ago, Napoleon and Stockalper were aware of the significance of Alpine crossings, and thus began with the construction of such. Visit the Old Town of Brig and the imposing Stockalper Castle, and if you don’t want to walk it, the little « Simplon Express» train will take you round the sights.

On the way to the Simplon Pass, stunning, sweeping views open up over the sunny Belalp, Riederalp, Rosswald and Bettmeralp terraces. And there’s plenty to discover at the Rothwald snow-shoe paradise as well. (PostBus stop Rothwald, Post). Numerous hiking possibilities attract guests to the Simplon Pass region –and make sure you catch a glimpse of the stone eagle! (PostBus stop Simplon, «Simplonblick»).

Here at the heart of the Swiss Alps you find optimal conditions for snowkiting. And directly on the Simplon Pass, a large plain by the Hotel Monte Leone is particularly suited to beginners – although the Simplon Pass holds plenty in store for advanced kite enthusiasts as well. Valley descents, snow-drifting and diverse high plateaus.

In the Simplon Village ecomuseum you also get an idea of what life was like on the pass years ago (PostBus stop Simplon Dorf, Post). A hike along the renowned ViaStockalper path from Brig to Domodossola is yet another attraction; and Napoleon supposedly spent the night in the history-steeped Gabi guest house (PostBus stop Gabi, Simplon).

Passing the Gondo ravine, in the border village Gondo, you then discover the region’s historic hotel – a reconstruction of the Stockalper tower and old gold mine. Here you can try your luck at gold washing! (PostBus stop Gondo, Post). Last stop on the line is Domodossola. And the small Italian town, with story-tale street corners and numerous sights, such as the Chavez-Museum or Sacro Monte Calvario and pilgrims’ path are just one or two of the popular sights that make this enchanting place more than worth a visit!

Hiking Package ViaStockalper

Between early June and mid-October, enjoy three interesting and memorable days to hike the 33 km cultural long-distance hiking trail across the Simplon Pass.


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